What if you could make Thousands of dollars without going to work?

It’s time to get paid for what you know!

Are you an expert
in your field or have
extensive knowledge
about a particular topic?

Are people always
asking you to teach
them how to do
what you do?

What if you could
operate your business
online from a
Caribbean Island?

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Who is this course for?

This Coaching System allows every entrepreneur no matter what field you’re in to create a unique course for your potential clients. Whether you’re in the Tax, Real Estate, Restaurant, Retail, Contracting, Credit, Health, Investing, Spiritual or the Beauty business, this is for you.

My Story

Greetings! I’m your Business Therapist Paul “Presise” Halley, pronounced “precise.” I’ve been a business owner for 27 years and I’ve become the first generational high-six-figure achiever in my family. My first company Extreme Media Entertainment specialized in exclusive parties and mega events in Atlanta, New York, Houston, Miami, and the Caribbean. We’ve produced high-profile events starring Usher, Russell Simmons, Ludacris, Eve, Lil Jon, Jagged Edge, Beenie Man, NBA, and NFL stars, plus so much more. During that time hundreds of people came to us wanting to mimic our marketing material and show them our special techniques which made our event so successful. Paying close attention to the pulse of the people is how Extreme Media Entertainment transformed into P6 Brand Agency. We created exclusive marketing material and crafted futuristic promotion ideas for new business owners helping them quickly rise to the next level.

Over the years I’ve done Dee-Jaying, Promoting, Barbering, Graphic Design, Printing, Events, Marketing, Photography, Music Production, Management, Organizing, Mentoring, Club owning, Educator, plus other hustles which led me to the wisdom of becoming ultra-successful. Over the years my hard knock experience taught me how to maintain entrepreneurship and help others gain the freedom of owning their own business. I have helped make more than 500 people triple their income along with building millionaires. The advice, instruction, lessons, direction, or in other words, coaching and consulting were all for FREE, until I realized I too can get paid for my passion.

I’ve spent the past 5 years moving the majority of my business online with the help of advancements in technology. Then the lightbulb went off. What if I could share my years of experience with not just my clients, but with millions of entrepreneurs all over the world. The “Wisdom into Wealth” Coaching System was born. After helping people in so many aspects of their business, it was only right that I came up with a system that would make it so much easier for regular people like yourself to turn your business knowledge into a course allowing you to share your wisdom with thousands of new entrepreneurs and get paid for it.


Here is the Solution for You!

You are a business expert and have accumulated valuable wisdom over the years in your prospective field. But, how do you share that information with other business owners, and get compensated at the same time? I’m sure without even trying you’re forced to mentor people for free all the time. You give away valuable information all day, every day! They don’t pay you for it and probably won’t even use it. You’ve spent years grinding, winning, losing, 80 hours a week or more, being an entrepreneur. That life experience is worth a fortune. How much you might ask? You already know. How much does it cost for a good college education? I know I owed Georgia State 50 thousand. So, what’s the next step?

Your knowledge needs to be systematically put together in a program, packaged, and sold to potential clients without taking time away from your current business. Because the bill doesn’t stop so your money can’t stop. Well, this is the solution for you, and it’s not complicated. I will show you step by step how to turn your wisdom into wealth!

Wisdom Into Wealth Course Modules

Creating Your Course

I will show you how to choose the perfect name and topic for your course based on what the current market demands.

Set Up Your Course

Get connected to multiple platforms you can use to host your course including a way to host it directly on your own website.

Find Your Clients

Learn tips and tricks to help you identify your target audience. Gain a real understanding of what to look for and who is looking for you.

Make Outline

I will show you how to create your blueprint. Learn the best way to extract ideas from your mind and get them organized to be easily digestible.

Tell Your Story

I will teach you how to tell your unique story which will be the primary tool that will create your value. You are one of one. Your client can not go anywhere else and get the knowledge and life experience that come from you.

Create Your Content

I am a professional videographer and I will show you how to light, mic and record your content professionally from home. I will show you all the tools you’ll need that actually are cheaper than you think.

Your Sales Funnel

Learn how to create the perfect landing or lead page for your website. I will show you the tools professionals use to create their sales funnel to capture leads.

Use Social Media

Learn how to maximize your social media without having a lot of followers or posts. Transform and connect all of your social media platforms allowing them to work together in harmony to achieve your goal.

Source Local Clients

Learn how to use your current business to source new clients for your coaching program easily.

Pre-Launch Finishing Touch

Learn how to fine tune your entire system and be ready to go live without missing any steps.

Here’s what’s inside the course

  • 10 Easy-to-follow Modules
  • Coaching Contracts and Program Forms
  • Detailed Video Lessons
  • Weekly Coaching Calls for 6 Weeks

Early Registration Bonus

  • 3 Logo Designs to Help Build Your Brand
  • 250 Business Cards with Design
  • Professional Wireless Lavalier Audio Mic
  • 2 Bonus Tips & Tricks Videos

What Clients Are Saying!

Most Asked Questions & Answers

No, you will not go through the course alone. You will have access to Presise weekly via zoom to answer any questions you have. In addition, admins will be available via email to help send you links or guide you through any issues.

You will have access to all of the curriculum, recorded training video 24/7 online.

Since this is a knowledge-based course and knowledge CANNOT be reversed once learned, this course is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.

This course is for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to monetize your knowledge about your business.

After proof you’ve completed each step in this process and your landing page is up, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Your work ethic will determine your success. You will learn information that will be useful in creating a course. But we are not responsible if you choose to do nothing with the information.

No, there is no deadline for access to the content. However, FREE support will only last for the first 6 weeks.

Yes. For in person support you must be a part of Presise’ Inner Circle Program or use P6 Brand Agency to produce the system for you.

You will have lifetime access to the course curriculum in Wisdom into Wealth. Free Support is available only 6 weeks after you start the program.

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